Wednesday, November 22nd. On Wednesday we had a chance to take part in the fifth edition of one of the most important events of the year, which took place in Van Diesel club – Erasmus Date Auction. During the auction every single guest had an opportunity to bid on a date with 25 people – among them Erasmus students and members of each ESN section in Poznań. Thanks to our partners, special vouchers for the people auctioned and for the bidders were prepared: to the restaurant, coffee shop, bowling alley, for a massage or even for a chopper flight. And those are only some of the prizes you could win! During the event there was also a possibility to take part in a lottery. All the profit will go to charity helping struggling families within the framework of the annual national initiative called Szlachetna Paczka. Thank you for your contribution!

Thursday, November 23rd. Thursday led our Erasmus students to Energy Super Park in the Pestka mall. The sporting event called „JUMP as high as you can” let everyone involved make use of any excess energy in an active way, and all 10 Erasmus students who joined the activity learned new tricks under a watchful eye of professional teachers. It didn’t all end with the hops and flips, though. The participants also had a chance to try their luck in volleyball on trampolines! Two hours of great fun felt like a breeze – let’s hope we will get to repeat it all again soon!


#PRday chosen The Project of the Week!

On 4th November 2017, thanks to the creativity and commitment of Hania Adamiec (PR Manager) and Agnieszka Grzybowska (HR Manager), ESN UAM Poznań’s #PRday was awarded the title of ”Project of the Week” by ESN Poland Association.

The aim of the training was to familiarise ESNers with the tricks of the PR trade, with a special attention given to our section’s Newbies. The participants were given the opportunity to take part in three kinds of workshops. These focused on marketing and promotion, event management and communication, and work with the use of Photoshop.

Once again, congratulations to the creators of the event! We wish you much success in your future work!

Claudio Arsenio Corsetti - sounds like a star name, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what our new Erasmus of the Month has done with it, becoming an outright star of the evening and receiving the highest bid of all contestants during Erasmus Date Auction. Discussing his positive outlook on life, original future plans and all the best things to see in Rome, he makes the interview all the more interesting. Without further ado, let’s find out more about Claudio!

ESN Weekly News: Why did you decide to take part in the Erasmus Date Auction?

Claudio: My friends and I were simply astonished by the possibility. We are quite open-minded people, I believe, and interested in helping others. We’re also quite popular among the Erasmus students and know a lot of people, so we thought why not make the best out of it and do something special for charity. We had a chance to make this really important event even better.

EWN: Was that a spontaneous idea?

Claudio: Actually, it was. We were sitting with other Erasmus students in a pub when the opportunity arose and, despite the fact that we’ve never done that in our lives, we’ve immediately decided to throw caution to the winds and support the event. I regret nothing!

EWN: How did it feel when the auction started and you stepped onto the red carpet?

Claudio: I’m not really used to feeling comfortable with public appearances or, like everyone I suppose, having such a huge number of people looking at you. Anyway, I remember that moment as a positive experience, a funny and warm sharing of our best emotion. ESNers and Erasmus people can generally make you feel home wherever you are.

EWN: So, what you’ve said so far is that despite all the butterflies in the stomach, there was a fun part to that too.

Claudio: Yes, of course. The event was a lot of fun and I was absolutely lucky to have been auctioned for such a high price and by such a wonderful girl.

EWN: You seem to be a really positive person, with a lot of energy and a bright sense of humour. Where does it come from?

Claudio: It comes from other people that I meet and with whom I spend time. You can have all the positive energy in the world, but nothing will change if you’re not ready to share it with others. Mostly, if you smile, you can gain a smile back. My sense of humour, on the other hand, might be due to me spending too much time watching Family Guy, Simpson and South Park. (laugh)

EWN: You're studying cinema and theatre culture. Is that a purely academic interest or do you want to act on it somehow in the future?

Claudio: I began to study cinema and theatre just a few years ago. I thought it was the perfect access key to the humanistic culture. In these kind of studies we haven’t got straight rules of learning or general axioms. I mean, generally there are no inviolable truths, so it makes my route free to visit every kind of culture. I would like to be a theatre director. Acting is not something that I’ve ever considered as a future possibility.

EWN: Do you think that there are any films or books that are not necessarily mainstream, but they've picked up your interest and you definitely find them worth recommending?

Claudio: I don’t generally like the mainstream movies, most of the time they are ugly and give me a headache! What I can say for sure is that I love every movie from the Spaghetti-Western culture, The good, the bad and the ugly first, then Django and Trinity. Nowadays, one of the most interesting directors are Quentin Tarantino and Charlie Kaufman (they are amazing!).

At the moment I’m reading The name of the rose by Umberto Eco, and I can say for sure that some of the best books I’ve read came out of his pen. Nietzsche is one of my favourite authors as well (and an amazing poet, too).

EWN: What interesting choices! To be honest, The name of the rose is still on my reading list, so I guess I will reach for it quite soon. Umberto Eco is an Italian writer, quite a renowned one. You’re from Italy too, aren’t you?

Claudio: Yes, I study in Rome. In Rzym!

EWN: That’s a perfect answer, and really good pronunciation, well done!

Claudio: Thank you!

EWN: Rome is also known to be a highly touristic destination, though. Since you’ve spent some time there already, you probably have a favourite place or two that are not necessarily well-known or attended by many people. Would you share them with us, please?

Claudio: Of course! Firstly, there’s the The Aventine Keyhole, the keyhole of Rome, with the view on the Basilica in Vatican. Then, there is the San Lorenzo district, one of my favourites. I really recommend it, it might seem a bit peculiar at first, but it’s got a great vibe. The place I love the most in Rome, though, is a terrace close to the Colosseum. Not many people know about it because there is a whole lot of steps that you need to climb in order to get to the top, and people normally don’t feel like doing it, even if the reward is an incredible view on the ancient ruins of Rome. These are wonderful places, but they are not the only ones. There are a lot of secret places in Rome that are worth visiting too, and you should definitely do that!

EWN: It does sound promising, so perhaps one day I might just do that. I guess that living in Rome and in Poznań differs significantly. Have you noticed any particular cultural differences between Italy and Poland?

Claudio: Basically, I was completely impressed by the traffic lights. In Rome we don’t pay that much attention if it’s red, green or even purple. I can also say that this town is incredible, everyone is in such a rush during the day, but it’s never too noisy.

EWN: Has anything unusual happened to you in Poland already?

Claudio: Living an Erasmus lifestyle is just unusual for me, and that includes every experience that is coming out of it. I feel glad to be here, both on an Erasmus and in Poland. Until now I’ve met some great and adventurous people with huge hearts. What can I say? Every day since I came to Poland has been an incredible anecdote!

EWN: That’s a fantastic and a really heart-warming piece of news. I hope it remains that way!

Interview by Patrycja Płachecka of ESN Weekly News

Pic. Claudio Corsetti, Michał Antoniewicz

November 27th – December 10thSocial Inclusion Days:

November 27th – Charity karaoke

November 29th – German workshops at the University of Third Age

December 1st – Senses evening

December 4thCharity zumba

December 6th – St. Nicholas Day for kids

December 8th – Visit in the animal shelter


November 28thKEEP the ‘80s ALIVE

November 30thSt. Andrew’s Day

December 9thTrip to Wrocław

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