Monday, November 13th. At the beginning of the week a group of 18 Erasmus students made a trip to the climbing centre. All students could take part in the ”Climbing with ESN UAM Poznań” event – both those more experienced and those who were just beginning their adventure with climbing – everyone could choose the level of difficulty. Initially it all seemed easy, however the participants eventually needed a break and the training turned into an integrative meeting. After two hours of climbing and chatting the students left the event with warmed up muscles and in perfect moods.

Tuesday, November 14th. That day was especially fruitful for the SocialErasmus team – their event, called “We want you to be an Angel”, has gathered a large number of Erasmus students along with ESNers, all of whom met in the Co jak co café to become Angels for sick children. Each of the participants turned out to be exceptionally imaginative, putting their talent to the test while creating a get-well card from scratch. The cards will later be sent out to children staying at a hospital cancer ward in hopes to boost their spirits and help them recover quickly. The event ideally mixed pleasure with work – the group was having lots of fun getting creative with their cards while simultaneously doing something good for others and preparing a great gift for the kids!

Thursday, November 16th. A week without #SocialLove? Impossible! Therefore, on Thursday morning seven Erasmus+ students visited the Caritas soup kitchen for the second time, under the "Meal for Homeless” slogan. The brave representatives of France, Italy, Turkey and the Czech Republic, guided by amazing sister Leopolda, were dividing meals among the needy, washing the dishes and even… peeling potatoes! And all of that with a huge smile on their faces. We are already looking forward to another visit, are you?

Have you heard of school visits as part of the Erasmus in Schools project? Or about the Dating & Helping event? Do you know who stood behind all of these? Here she is – Paulina Sarnowska, SocialErasmus Project Coordinator. Her sensitivity towards the needs of others has made her choose Psychology as her field of study. While Paulina’s got lots of energy and zeal for work, Erasmus students are already no strangers to her as she has just recently got back from a six month stay in Italy herself. What are her biggest interests? Dancing, foreign languages and, of course... travelling!

ESN Weekly News: First of all, congratulations to you! We’re in the middle of November, which means the first month of your work in the section is already behind you. You’ve organised a number of awesome events which turned out to be extremely popular among both Erasmus students and ESNers. Where do you get all your motivation from?

Paulina: My initial motivation came round during my own Erasmus exchange – this is when I learned to understand the way of thinking and acting of a foreign student coming to study in another country. I had a chance to stand on the other side and see how ESN’s work looks like from the point of view of an Erasmus. I received a lot myself, especially an abundance of kindness and the opportunity to take part in interesting events. This, in turn, made me want to continue sharing it and spreading the idea back home.

Despite some fears, but also with a great deal of motivation I applied to become the next SocialErasmus project coordinator. Today I can easily say it was a very good decision. With each event, each positive feedback both from the Erasmus students and institutions we visit as part of events we organise, which is schools, kindergartens, soup kitchens for the homeless or animal shelters I get tons of new energy and huge motivation to carry on and come up with newer and greater projects. I must also mention Agnieszka Grzybowska, my project’s supervisor, who fully supports me in all my decisions, believes in me and lends a helping hand whenever I’m having a bad day.

EWN: You’re definitely not thinking of resting on your laurels or slowing down. Your events are popular, there’s a number of Erasmus students who want to follow the #LeaveYourMark idea (SocialErasmus’ slogan – ed.). Would you let us in on what we can expect in the upcoming weeks?

Paulina: I don’t want to tell you too much too early, but you’re up for some really cool ideas! Especially now that so-called “Social Inclusion Days” are coming (November 27th to December 10th – ed.). A bunch of interesting events will appear during this time – animal shelter visit, a senses evening and language workshops, among others. We’re currently having a feed and goods collection for animals in shelters. Recently we celebrated St. Martin’s Day as part of the Erasmus in Schools project, we created colorful get-well cards for sick children as part of the „We want you to be an Angel” event, we also paid a visit at a soup kitchen to help with serving food to homeless people.

EWN: At the turn of November and December we’ll have a chance to take part in two amazing weeks, the aforementioned Social Inclusion Days. What exactly do they stand for?

Paulina: It’s an initiative that includes the work of over 500 local associations in 40 countries. It aims at raising awareness and involving in activities regarding volunteer work and disabilities. There’s a lot ahead of us – I’ve already told you about several events and I’ll keep the rest secret for now.

EWN: Who can take part in SID? Where should the Erasmus students look for information about upcoming events for these two weeks?

Paulina: Participation in SID is mostly intended for Erasmus students and institutions we’re cooperating with on the project. Actual information will be regularly posted on our Facebook fanpage (ESN UAM Poznań) and website at Make sure to regularly check out the Coming Soon section at the bottom of each ESN Weekly News publication as well. And see you at the Social Inclusion Days!

Interview by Agnieszka Grzybowska of ESN Weekly News

Translated by Zosia Kałużna

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