Saturday, May 6th. On 9th of May the European Union celebrates Europe Day. On the whole continent, in many cities in different countries we can observe European parades. They take place during the weekend closest to the date. In Poland we have celebrated Europe Day for 18 years with the Schuman’s Parade in Warsaw, named after Robert Schuman - twice Prime Minister of France and one of the founders of the European Union. This year one of the Day’s topic was Erasmus+ Programme, as it celebrates its 30th birthday. That is why many ESN members and Erasmus students from abroad took part in the Parade. The guests could get some information about our organization by visiting a special ESN tent, located in the European Schuman’s Town.

Tuesday, May 8th. In Polish potential bone marrow donors’ base is now more than one million people – it is on of the best results in Europe! Taking into consideration fact that every donor is a chance for a new life for somebody seriously ill, we decided to take part in a Marrow Donor Day. For two days we were present at Historical Faculty and at Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures, where we have registered people willing to share their health with others. Result? Polish bone marrow donors’ base was enlarged by 54 new, potential heroes!

Thursday, May 10th. We have officially opened the Room of Kindness, the first one in Poznań and the tenth in Poland. We have renovated and furnished a recreation room at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit at one of Poznań’s hospitals. To make sure we complete the task on time, ESN members and Erasmus students joined forces and worked on the Room of Kindness throughout the whole past weekend. Thanks to our efforts the hospital has got a modern area for providing occupational therapy. Additionally, we got a chance to get to know the little patients better by playing all types of integrating games and having fun together. The Room of Kindness was created as a result of collaboration between Erasmus Student Network Poland and the Association, and possible through funds from the “Go Social with ESAA” initiative organised by Erasmus+ Student and the Alumni Association.

Thursday (10.05) – Friday (12.05). Barbecuing in Poland is a kind of national sport. So it is not surprising that another edition of Wielkie Grillowanie (Great Barbecuing), organized by  Parlament Samorządu Studentów UAM (Student Government) was extremely popular in past years. The same situation was in this year! Who cares about bad weather, when you have grilled sausages, Polish superstars’ gigs and much more attractions together with the possibility of spending time with other students. At least few thousands of students, including foreigners and members of ESN UAM Poznań were not afraid of low temperature, what we could see on Morasko Campus, where for two evening we were having fun among the smell of grilled sausages and gigs of inter alia Luxtorpeda and Taco Hemingway.

It's said that fit people are very flexible. A living proof to that is our ESNer of April - Anna Majtyka! Why do we think so? Because apart from coordinating Sport Project additionally she is active in Travel, SocialErasmus, PR, Event and ESN Weekly News groups. It might be due to her fascination in everything that's new. She can't stay in one place for too long - her biggest passion is travelling. She loves to explore the world and be adventurous. She studies second year of dietetics. Surely that's where another subject of her interests comes from - food!  What else does she love in life? People! And we will let ourselves add that people  love her!

ESN Weekly News: ESNOLYMOICS is already behind us. Tell us how working on such big project looked like. At first you organised the tournament for sections from Poznań, then you participated in the competition in Kraków. It must have required a lot of patience and involvement.

ANNA: We started working on ESNOLYMPICS in December. It may seem as if we had a lot of time but in reality it’s a very complex project so next few months up until April were spent on intense work, trying to obtain sponsors and partners, preparing deals, dividing tasks, booking sports hall, promoting the event, making sure each university will be represented by well selected team, figuring out what to do to make our players sattisfied with the event and to give them the chance to have unforgettable memories. I am kind of perfectionist so I spent many nights thinking about the details instead of sleeping properly… but I have to say - it was worth it!

EWN: Is it hard to be the organiser of ESNOLYMPICS and faithful fan to your team at the same time and to have control over your emotions?

ANNA: I have to admit that during the tournament in Poznań my mind was occupied by the organising stuff pretty much all the time. I laughed that it is my ‘baby’ and that’s why I was watching out for it every second. In spite of that I tried to be with my team whenever I could and cheer with them. Thankfully, I had enormous support from my ESN friends, who tried to calm me down saying that everything is great and I don’t have to worry.

National level of ESNOLYMPICS was very different from the one in Poznań. I wasn’t as much of an organiser anymore - we came as guests to do our bests and to have fun. Luckily, the team representing Poznań was the best team I could ever wish for. We got along on every level, we genuinely became friends, spending together every minute of our time in Kraków cheering together when we played and laughing a lot when we had free time - “one for all, all for one”. If there was a contest for the most close-knit team we certainly would have won that!

EWN: How come you coordinate project Sport? Is this a result of your interests or somebody motivated you to do it?

ANNA: Sport was present in my life from when I was a kid. I come from sporty family. I like to be active, constantly on the move. Besides that I think the emotions you experience during some games are amazing and unique.

My decision to apply for the Coordinator of Sport was very spontaneous. I haven’t given it much thought because I didn’t know if I had all the skills and experience required to run a project like that. There were people who believed in me though and in my head they planted a seed of this idea which then started to grow resulting in becoming a Coordinator. Today I am thankful to them because that was such a nice life lesson - don’t wait until you are ready - just DO it and you will handle everything. If you don’t try, you will never learn and you will never get the experience that you need.

EWN: The end of the academic year is slowly coming to an end. Spring (theoretically) is all around.  What are your ideas for those last weeks in terms of sport events?

ANNA: Well, I have to admit that my plans were very dependent on the weather because we wanted to organise outdoor events such as beach volleyball by the river or lake, a walk on Morasko Hill and together with SocialErasmus we wanted to play with students at school which would also take place outside. That’s why we need to make brainstorming as a group and prepare something for colder days too. The good thing is, no matter how cold it is, we will certainly warm up during sport events.

Interview by Agnieszka Grzybowska (ESN Weekly News)

Monday, 15.05, 17:00 – Sign Language Workshop – Let’s sing the song!

Wednesday, 17.05, 10:00 – French lesson for Seniors with ESN UAM Poznań

Saturday, 20.05, 18:40 – Long Night of Museums with ESN UAM Poznań

Wednesday, 31.05, 10:00 – Play football at school with ESN UAM Poznań

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