Monday, May 15th. This week we started with gaining new skills and learning how to sing without using words. Are you wondering if it's possible? And if it is: how? During our Sign Language Workshops – Let’s sing the song, Erasmus students found out that it's not always necessary to say something when you want to talk to somebody. Our teachers during that workshops were Wielkopolska Jednostka Towarzystwa Pomocy Głuchoniemym (Greater Poland Voivodeship Unit of Deaf People Assistance Association) members. Erasmus students got to know the polish sign alphabet and learned how to express basic messages, how to contact via sign language on basic level. We also had an opportunity to "sign-sing" a song which provided a lot of fun!

Wednesday, May 17th. Erasmus students visited students from the University of Third Age (University for seniors – ed.), where they became French teachers for a day. During the lesson they showed presentations about their French hometowns, simultaneously involving in lively conversations with no less engaged seniors. Valentine and Charlotte boasted about the charming Rennes located in a picturesque region of Brittany, and Flo, to the delight of all listeners, talked about one of the most touristic places in the country – Marseille. The presentations would not have been complete without pictures of regional delicacies and videos depicting traditional dances from the area as well as local landscapes. Afterwards, we invited questions and comments from the audience – both Erasmus students and seniors alike made the most of that opportunity, and when the time has come to say goodbye, it was hard to let each other go!

Every Newbie should be energetic, cheerful, always motivated and eager to work. ESN UAM Poznań is lucky enough to be able to say that during our last recruitment we have found many people who have all those personality traits. One of the most active Newbie was Kasia Jasińska and she is the one who has been chosen as the „Newbie of the Month”. The majority of us have surely seen her during our events. Kasia loves foreign languages – she is therefore very forthcoming – and meeting new people is a pleasure for her. She is a freshman at the faculty of Roman Philology, and she enjoys going to the cinema or attending concerts in her free time. Just like every ESN-er, Kasia loves travelling and exploring the world.­

ESN Weekly News: Almost 30 new members have joined us during the spring recruitment and you were the one that've shown the most enthusiasm - congratulations! What motivated you to join our Section? Was it curiosity, will to meet new friends or some other factors?

KASIA: Thank you! I'm surprised, I didn't know that new members can also get awards. I'm surprised even more because I think that other people were also very commited. I think my temper made me easy to recognize (HR day attendants, you know what I'm talking about). I joined ESN because it's an opportunity to get involved in many different fields at once. I love it, because it connects with my interests. I'm looking for a way to do something fun and also useful, to meet new friends and to mingle with people speaking french and english. There is my egoistical reason: i want to practice foreign languages.

EWN: You tried your hand at many different projects. Do you see yourself in any specific part of the Section? Which projects absorbed you the most?

KASIA: At the beginning I overestimated my capabilities and signed to five different projects, and in reality it was only possible for me to help with SocialErasmus, Cool'ture and a little bit with Event. Recently I was very involved with SocialErasmus, probably because of the SocialErasmus Week which gave me many opportunities to help. Besides, SocialErasmus is very similiar to a project I was involved in as a volunteer when I was in highschool, so I feel cofident, but hopefully my confidence will soon grow in other projects too.

EWN: It is said that being a member of a student organization is just a voluntary service and that you cannot benefit from it. However, all members of ESN know that such an activity gives a lot of opportunities. Since you have been a part of our Section for a while already, what have been your benefits from joining us?

KASIA: I owe a lot to the fact that my beginning in our Section was rather easy. It was mainly due to the fact that a couple of my friends joined ESN at the same time as I did, and as we all well know, it is much nicer not to understand anything together than not to understand anything alone. I would like to thank my Angel (in ESN UAM Poznań we have Angel Programme – more experienced members of our Section take care of newbies during their first weeks after recruitment, Agnieszka Grzybowska was also Kasia’s Angel), who was a very helpful guide for a rather distracted Newbie. So far, ESN gave me an opportunity to do all the things that I would not even have thought about. At the same time, I have a feeling that new responsibilities teach me self-discipline. With every new event my perspectives and horizons get even broader.

Interview by Agnieszka Grzybowska (ESN Weekly News)

Wednesday, 24.05, 13:30 – Erasmus in Schools with ESN UAM Poznań

Thursday, 25.05, 9:30 – Kindergarten Visit with ESN UAM Poznań

Wednesday, 31.05, 10:00 – Play Football at School with ESN UAM Poznań

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