Thursday (20.04) – Sunday (23.04). The representation “Mounia Team” from Poznań University of Technology had an opportunity to participate in ESNOLYMPICS in Krakow. Although our best accomplishment was the fourth place in basketball competition, we have managed to win the informal competition for the loudest team with the best team spirit! We were cheering the rest of our group on a megaphone, dressed in wings and masks in order for them not to lose the willingness to compete. This event gave us the opportunity to get to know ourselves better and that was certainly the whole point of participating in ESNOLYMPICS. Thanks to this, we can surely call ourselves the winners!

Thursday (20.04) – Monday (24.04). As soon as spring comes, one of the main events in ESN takes place. It’s AGM (Annual General Meeting), which is held for four days. During this event the main decisions concerning the future of ESN are made, therefore representatives of sections from all over Europe gather for this event. Last year the host city of AGM was Warsaw, this year members of ESN met in Berlin. We are proud to announce that our Section has been awarded with STARaward for Buddy Weekend! Kaja Janiszewska, the President of our Section, states “It’s impossible to describe the incredible feeling of pride and happiness which I experienced during receiving the award in front of 800 people. The most amazing thing is that STARaward is an award for not only our Section, but also mentors and Erasmus students, as all of the aforementioned groups have contributed to this success. I am delighted to know that the contribution of our section has been appreciated internationally, as we are indeed working on great and important projects”. Except for this amazing recognition for ESN UAM Poznań, we are pleased to announce that Kacper Olczyk from ESN Poland has been chosen to the International Board as the Communication Manager! We are very happy for you, congratulations Kacper!

Sunday, April 23rd. In BYŁO nie BYŁO café a Travel Meeting “Who’s afraid of Erasmus?” took place. It was organized for all of those, who are interested in Erasmus+ programme and are considering studying abroad. The meeting included talking with veterans of Erasmus, which gave the participants the opportunity to dismiss all doubts, exchange their experiences from other travels and create hunger for another trips. Thanks to presenting four engaging presentations about experiences from Erasmus exchanges, the participants were not only laughing a lot, but also learnt a lot of tips which will certainly be useful during their upcoming trips.

Wednesday, April 26th. Erasmus is all about fun! Especially if it’s having fun by being active! When we were kids, we all liked jumping. In order to bring back these joyful days we organized an evening at Jump Arena – trampoline park. Participants could try their best in high jumps, slam dunks and somersaults. Erasmus students from Moldova, Turkey and Italy proved that they are true acrobats. It was a great opportunity to get to know each other better and spend some active, quality time together. Whoever couldn’t make it this time, will have a chance to join us sometime soon during our next jumping event.

Saturday, April 29th. Last Saturday we organised Trip to Wolsztyn, small town located about 90 kilometers away from Poznań. On that day The 16th Steam Locomotive Parade was taking place in Wolsztyn. During the Parade participants had an opportunity to admire as much as ten steam locomotives from Poland, Germany and Czech Republic. Even though weather wasn’t the best, the atmosphere of this event was so amazing that nobody minded the weather conditions. Erasmus students visited the 110-year-old Steam Locomotive Shed, in which during the rest of the year all the locomotives are being kept. The steam Locomotives leave the Shed only for this one day, in order to show their beauty not only to visitors from Poland, but also Europe and the rest of the world. 

Tuesday, 9.05, 18:00, between Zbyszko and Jagienka Dorms  – Picnic: International Students’ Day

Wednesday (10.05) – Friday (12.05) – Wielkie Grillowanie (Great Grilling) UAM – XI edycja

Remember that you can follow all the important news about what is happening in Poznań and in the ESN UAM Poznań section not only via ESN Weekly News. You can also stay up to date by giving a „like” to our facebook fanpage!

How was your April? For us it was a month full of fantastic events. You do not believe? Watch the video below and see what we have done over the past weeks.

Contact:, 785673675

ESN UAM Poznań Office Hours: Friday (12.05), 16:00-17:00

Photography: ESN International: Kasia Pasierbiewicz, Seander C. Leidl, András Barta, Markus Maschinenjunge, Konstantinos Douzenis

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