ESNcard is the official membership card of the Erasmus Student Network. The ESNcard is strictly personal, and it shall never be used by somebody else than the card holder. Without a photo and correct personal data the ESNcard is invalid. The ESNcard is valid for one year.
You can use the card at any ESN section, as it is a pan-european network card. Go to to check for discounts!

Furthermore it gives you special conditions, for example:
* It allows you to join our trips;
* It allows you to enter for free in our weekly parties;
* It allows you to join our activities;

Who can get the ESNcard?
You can get the ESNcard, if you belong to one of the following groups :
* You have been an international student in Poland (e.g. Erasmus or any other exchange programme);
* You are an active member of an ESN section.
*You are participating in a Mentor Programme

How can you get the ESNcard?
You can get it during our Orientation  Week in the beginning of the semester or if you miss it from our office (Collegium Chemicum, 6 Grunwaldzka st., room 102, Poznań) during office hours.
You can also buy a card on the website: We strongly recommend you to get it! 

Useful links:
About ESNcard and discount information:,
Ordering the card:
Discounts in Poznań:


Kevin Nowacki
ESNcard ​